Friday, May 6, 2011

Help us find a new home for Dalco!!

Please help us find a new home for Dalco.

He is very easy going, as long as he gets a walk he’s the happiest camper ever, as he just lounges around for the rest of the day.

He’s great with small children, and great with other dogs. I’ve never had issues, and I spent the time training him to so he’s good on recall, and all basic commands.

He’ll be turning 7 on September 23 and has no health issues, so is a very healthy dog.

I have all of his blankets, food bowls, toys, food etc. and I will purchase the first bag of food for the new owner of my beloved Dalco.

I just want him to go to a good home with caring people who love animals and have the time to exercise him.

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